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Professor Ana Lara and Professor Alai Reyes Stantos launch Digital Humanities Project – Caribbean Women Healers: Digital Scholarship Team Site

About the Digital Humanities Project

Caribbean Women Healers: Decolonizing Knowledge Within Afro-Indigenous Traditions is a collaborative research project developed by Professor Ana-Maurine Lara (Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies) and Professor Alaí Reyes Santos (Department of Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies). Since 2016 they have conducted ethnographic research with women healers in the Caribbean and the quickly expanding Caribbean diaspora in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Their research contributes to existing scholarship on Caribbean healers by highlighting how women mobilize their knowledge and roles as healers, teachers, and community leaders within Afro-Indigenous Caribbean healing traditions to effect change well beyond the traditional centers of those communities.

This digital humanities project provides open access to interviews with women healers, and an ethnobotanical guide for researchers, students, and the general public with support from UO Faculty Research Award, Center for the Study of Women in Society Research Grant, and the UO Libraries Digital Scholarship Center’s Faculty Digital Projects Grant Program. It also gives a virtual space for Caribbean communities living in diaspora-away from the islands-to maintain intergenerational transmission of traditional healing methods and knowledge production, and a virtual space for interviewees to share their healing traditions with the desire to use media as a way to reproduce knowledge across generations as well as across communities. If you have any questions about Caribbean Women Healers please contact Professor Alaí Reyes Santos, or Professor Ana-Maurine Lara

Elena Perez, one of the women leaders of the Cacao Cooperative in the community.

About the Digital Scholarship Team Site

The intention of this digital scholarship project team site is to be a public-facing resource for anyone actively involved in developing the Caribbean Women Healers digital humanities project. It is also meant to be a resource for folx interested in following along with the project’s overall development start and scholarly work celebration. You can find general project updates via the blog, explore the project’s kanban board to view what it is actively worked on, read about who are working together to build Caribbean Women Healers, and review what tools are used for team communications. If you have any questions about Caribbean Women Healer digital scholarship team or its praxis contact Kate Thornhill, UO Libraries