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Finding WGS-related courses in other codes

There are several ways to find more courses outside of the WGS code that you can use to count for your major or minor. Here are a few pointers. As always, please contact us with any questions.

Use the Group-Satisfying list to filter by keyword

The registrar maintains a list of courses that satisfy group requirements/general ed requirements called the group satisfying list. It is linked on the class schedule page.

Scroll down until you see the table with class names. Use the search field on top of it to filter by keywords. Suggestions: ‘Gender’, ‘Sexuality’, ‘Queer’, and etc. This should help you start your search; you can investigate more about each course that sounds interesting to you by finding it in the class schedule or on the course catalog, the master list of all UO courses.

Note that since these are just courses that satisfy group requirements, it may exclude some courses.

Check our “Courses in Other Codes” List

We try to keep the courses in other codes list updated with cross-listed courses that students have found each term. It is to be considered a historical record but also a work in progress.

Browse classes in your other major or minor

Gender studies, queer studies and feminism are interdisciplinary by nature. You will find many other fields incorporate them into other classes. Check the schedule or course catalog for your major and look for courses that mention gender, sexuality, feminism or women in the title.


If you see or hear about a class that sounds like it should count for WGS credit, check our website and our class schedule to see if we are already aware of it. If not, email us! It is difficult to keep tabs on every class and to list them all on our schedule.