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Q: How do I make an appointment with a faculty member?
A: All professors are available to students during their open office hours, which can be found under their section on the people page.  Faculty make their own appointments, at their discretion, so please email them directly if you need to request an appointment outside their office hours.

Q: How do I declare WGSS as my major?
A: You can download a Major-Minor add/drop form from the Student Forms and Applications page, which you can find to the right of the screen on the drop-down menu then complete the form and send it into

Q: Is there a senior capstone course I need to take if I major in WGSS?
A: All WGSS majors are required to take WGS 411 Practicum to graduate and most students do this course in their senior year and occasionally in their junior year.  This course is only offered every Fall term so plan ahead.

Q:  How do I do a senior thesis or earn honors in WGSS?
A: Only WGSS majors who complete a senior thesis are eligible to potentially earn honors in WGSS. Visit the Senior Honors Thesis page for details.

Q: Does WGSS offer scholarships?
A: Yes, we have a scholarship application process in early Spring each year. See our Scholarships page for more details.

Q: What courses are best for first-year students to take?
A: It’s always a good idea to get a head start on major and general university requirements. You can start with WGS 101, but make sure to talk with an advisor to see what courses will best fit with your path of study. You can check out our sample 4-year plan here.

Q: Can I count courses from other institutions towards my WGSS major?
A: Yes! Many courses are automatically imported into your degree guide. If one is not applied to UO WGSS automatically and you believe it is relevant, please fill out this form.

Q: Where can I get advising on the WGSS major, minor or Queer Studies minor?
A: For academic advising, please contact Public Policy, Society and Identity flight path advisors (PPSI) in Tykeson Hall at or at 541-346-9200.

Q: Can I study abroad if I am a WGSS major? What types of study abroad programs does the WGSS program recommend?
A: Yes! You can check out and filter search results for programs pertaining to the WGSS major. You should also check with an advisor to see what classes will or will not count toward general university and/or WGSS requirements.