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Student Forms & Applications

Forms may be delivered either in person to Hendricks 315, or by email to

For best results, please save a copy of your form and open in your favorite PDF reader. The forms may appear to be missing information or fields if the PDF is viewed in-browser.

Undergraduate Forms

Major-Minor Add/Drop Form

Use this form to add or drop a WGSS major, minor or QST minor. You can also use it to drop a major or minor from another department. The form can be delivered to the WGSS office (Hendricks 315) or emailed to

Degree Worksheets

WGSS Major Worksheet
WGSS Minor Worksheet
Queer Studies Worksheet

Use these worksheets to keep track of required courses and credits for WGSS majors/minors and QST minors

General Forms (All Students)

Request to count outside course for WGS credit

Use this form if you have a course in another subject code or from another university that you’d like to apply to your WGSS major or minor or QST minor. Transfer students please note: Many courses are automatically imported. Use this form only if one is not applied to UO WGSS automatically and you believe it is relevant.

Independent Study Form

Please use this form to request authorization for independent study classes, such as 401, 403, 405 or 601, 603, 605 (research, thesis, reading).

Practicum Log (Excel)

This form can be used to track hours logged at an internship, volunteer position or other practicum appointment.

Commencement Information Form

All graduating students, please fill out this form to provide the department with important logistical and organization information.

Graduate Forms

Graduate Certificate Application  (2 pages)

Form to apply for admission to the WGSS graduate certificate program – there are two pages please complete both.

Graduate Certificate Advising

Advising worksheet for graduate certificate students

GE Applications

Applications for academic year GE positions are generally available in early Winter term and the application for summer GE positions is generally available during Fall term. Please call the office if you have any questions.

Alumni Forms

Alumni Update Form

Use this form to keep us up to date on your post-graduation accomplishments, adventures and successes.