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Prior to Fall 2018 – Queer Studies minor requirements

Students declaring a Queer Studies minor prior to Fall 2018 have the option to follow the new curriculum or to continue with the old curriculum.  Details of the old minor are listed below. Please meet with our Academic Advisor to discuss what works best for you.

Specfic Courses 4
WGS 201 Introduction to Queer Studies 4
Electives 20
Approved upper-division courses with WGS or other subject code 16
Total Credits 24

Other stipulations

  • All students will be required to satisfactorily complete (grade of C-/P or better) 24 credit hours of course work in Queer Studies approved by the Queer Studies Steering Committee
  • A minimum of 16 credit hours must be graded
  • 16 credit hours must be earned at the University of Oregon
  • No more than 8 credits may count toward both the minor and the student’s major
  • Students may have up to 8 credit hours from pre-approved courses from another University or approved overseas programs
  • Transfer credits from other universities will be considered on an individual basis, following existing procedures in appropriate departments for determining their equivalence to University of Oregon courses.