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Sample WGSS 4-year plan

Extremely Important Notes:

  • The plan below is a sample. Courses are not guaranteed to be offered in the terms shown below. The term a course is offered depends heavily on professor schedules.
    • Corollary: You may take your courses in any term and order you like, provided prerequisites are met.
    • Caveat: Most students take WGS 101 first.
  • Two guarantees are available:
    • WGS 101 is offered every term.
    • All required courses for the major will be offered at least once a year.
  • 5 WGS electives (3 of which can be in other departments) are required for the major. We recommend you take electives that are interesting to you as they come up, since they may not be offered again.
  • All of this will be changing in the near future as we continue the implementation of our curriculum revision. Expect different plans and different courses by Fall 2018.
    • Caveat: We will not pull a bait-and-switch on you! Students who began their WGSS studies before the new curriculum changes will be allowed to finish their requirements as they were defined when they entered the major or minor.
Year Term Courses Comments
First year Fall WGS 101: Introduction to WGS WGS 101 is a prerequisite for most other WGS classes. It is recommended to take it in the Fall of your first year, but you may also take it in the winter or spring.
Winter WGS 315: History and Development of Feminist Theory WGS 101 if not taken in Fall
Spring WGS elective
Second year Fall WGS 303: Women and Gender in American History or HIST 308: Women in US history
Winter WGS 321: Feminist Perspectives: Identity, Race, Culture
Spring WGS elective
Third year Fall WGS 351: Introduction to Global Feminisms
Winter WGS 352: Gender, Literature, and Culture
Spring WGS elective
Fourth year Fall WGS 411: Feminist Praxis WGS 411 is only offered in Fall term. It may be taken in any year, but most students take it in their final year.
Winter WGS elective
Spring WGS elective