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Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Minor

NEW Requirements – Effective Fall 2018

Students must apply for the WGSS or QST minor in the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies office well in advance of graduation for transcript evaluation. In order to be eligible for the minor, students must complete all degree requirements and a major in another academic department.

Students declaring a major prior to Fall 2018 have the option to follow the old requirements.

WGSS Minor Degree Worksheet
24 Credits

Choose one: WGS introductory courses (4 credits total)

WGS 101

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Choose one: WGS 200 level course (4 credits total)

WGS 201

Introduction to Queer Studies

WGS 211

Black Feminist Histories

WGS 221

Bodies and Power

WGS 250

Gender, Literature and Culture

WGS 251

Transnational and Indigenous Feminisms

WGS 261

Gender and Popular Culture

Choose three: WGS 300 and/or 400 level courses (12 credits total)

WGS 303

Women, Gender and History

WGS 311

Black Feminist Theories

WGS 315

Feminist Theory

WGS 321

Feminist Perspectives: Identity, race, culture

WGS 322

Queer Theory

WGS 331

Science, Technology & Gender

WGS 341

Women, Work and Class

WGS 350

Literature as Feminist Theory

WGS 351

Decolonial Feminisms

WGS 361

Gender, Film and Media

WGS 407


WGS 409


WGS 410

Experimental course

WGS 411

Feminist Praxis

WGS 421

Bodies and Embodiment

WGS 422

Sexuality Studies

WGS 432

Gender, Environment and Development

WGS 450

Literature and Feminist World-Making

WGS 451

Global Perspectives on Gender

Choose one:  300 or 400 level WGS OR

approved course from another subject code (4 credits total)

_____  3XX/4XX


Additional requirements:

  1. No more than 8 credits may be taken pass/no
  2. All graded courses in the minor must be completed with grades of C-
  3. At l least 16 credits applied to the WGS minor must be taken at the University of Oregon.
  4. No more than 8 credits from another major or minor may count toward the WGS minor.