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October 13, 2014

Facilitator applications for Winter 2015 now accepted!

Dear students,

We have begun our search for WGS 101 discussion section facilitators for Winter 2015. Facilitators can be undergrads or grads who have taken WGS 101, and serve to guide discussion and help students in one discussion section each. Facilitators register for 4 credits of WGS 409 or 609 (this is the part where you attend the lecture and 1 discussion section) and 2 credits of WGS 413/513 (Pedagogy) which meets once a week.

The application consists of a few short answer questions and can be found under Forms and Applications or outside our main office door (it’s white). Please deliver it in person or by email to the main office (, Hendricks 315) between the hours of 8-5, M-F.

The deadline is November 10th to give us all time to get this settled before Winter 2015 registration begins on November 17th. Depending on facilitator needs and applications received, we may still accept applications after the deadline.

We look forward to working with you!

October 9, 2014

WGS Back to School Party / Meet ‘n’ Greet

When? Friday, October 10, 3:00 p.m.

Where? On the Pioneer Mother lawn outside Hendricks Hall

Who? WGS students, faculty, staff, friends and affiliates, and faculty in other departments who would consider teaching a class on Gender and/or Queer Studies that we can cross-list.

Why? Let’s celebrate the 2014-15 academic year! Please join us for snacks, drinks, socializing, networking and etc. Meet your faculty outside of class, ask about their research, network with colleagues and peers, ask questions about the major/graduate certificate program if you’re thinking of declaring, or just come out, have a good time and enjoy the late summer/early Fall in Oregon.

We hope to see you there for the last bit of good weather before we take a turn for rain next week!

September 2, 2014

New book forthcoming: October 2014

WGS Professor Ernesto Martínez has co-edited, with Stephanie Fryberg, a groundbreaking new volume of essays on diversity in American higher education. For a summary and additional information, see: The Truly Diverse Faculty: New Dialogues on Diversity in American Higher Education (Palgrave, October 2014)

Advanced praise:

“All university administrators, professors, and educators should read this book! A vital part of creating a “truly diversity faculty” is engaging in difficult dialogues with individuals who—because of race, gender or socioeconomic status—may experience the university differently than those in the mainstream. The Truly Diverse Faculty: New Dialogues in American Higher Education provides engaging and novel perspectives for doing this significant work.” — Hazel Rose Markus, Stanford University

“This unique collaboration-—across both ends of the university hierarchy-—provides critical insights for all those seeking to diversify their college faculty. Finally, here is a frank and open discussion about the challenges. Every administrator and member of a search or tenure committee should read this book.” — Linda Martín Alcoff, Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate School

“This is a superb book, one that will have a major impact on professors and university administrators. The idea behind it — to organize a dialogue between senior administrators and faculty (of color) and junior scholars of color — is a powerful one. What is especially effective is the way the book combines a review of the relevant scholarship with an analysis of subjective experience. It is this combination that makes the practical proposals of the book compelling. And it is the dialogic structure of the book that makes it fun to read, hearing voices that are rarely heard together building on one another’s cadences and meanings. I am frankly quite moved by the experience of reading this book cover to cover and am thinking about how much we can all learn from it.” — Satya Mohanty, Cornell University

July 24, 2014

Professor Judith Raiskin teaches in Siena, Italy, Fall 2015

Study in Siena, Italy – Fall 2015 with WGS Professor Judith Raiskin

WGS Professor Raiskin will teach two courses on the Fall 2015 program in Siena: Italy and the Art of Travel Writing and Imagining Italy through Film. Through these courses, students will travel in the footsteps of major writers and filmmakers who have imagined Italy, study various representations of Italian places and people, and learn how to write their own travel essays. Additional course options include Art History, Food & Culture, Journalism, Italian language at levels 100-300, Italian literature, and Cross-Cultural Communications. All the courses fulfill various University group-satisfying requirements and Professor Raiskin’s courses  will also count for the WGS major/minor if students’ research projects focus on gender or women. Service learning options are also available: Teaching ESL in a kindergarten or elementary school, assisting in a pottery arts program for the diabled, volunteering at a retirement home, or working with a rescue and social services organization. For full details on class offerings and to apply, visit the UO Study Abroad website, or contact Professor Raiskin for more information. It would be wonderful to have some WGS students on the trip!
June 25, 2014

Professor Elizabeth Reis comments on “The Transgender Tipping Point”

Time magazine recently ran an article on transgender people and topics, featuring Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black fame. Professor Elizabeth Reis of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies was also interviewed and contributed several points to the article. Check it out here or look for the June 9, 2014 issue of Time.

May 8, 2014

Summer classes update!

Hello students! We have added a new class to our offerings for this summer. WGS 341: Women, Work and Class will be taught in the second session, July 20 – August 15. This brings our total offerings to 4 classes, all upper division and great way to get requirements finished outside the normal school year. Please see the Summer 2014 flyer for additional information, or check the class schedule.

See you in class!

May 6, 2014

Summer class registration is on now!

Hello students! Need some extra credits to finish up your 2013 degree? Want to get a jump on next year? Living in Eugene for the summer and not sure what to do with yourself?

Consider taking summer classes! Summer classes are generally smaller, tuition & fees are cheaper, and the class durations are shorter. This summer, we have two classes running for the first session (4 weeks, June 23 – July 20) and one class for the second session, July 21 – August 15. The titles are: WGS 321 – Feminist perspectives: race, identity culture; WGS 407 – Girls on the road; and WGS 407 – Asian American Gender/Sexuality in popular culture. Please see this PDF for the class details. Even if you take all the classes, you still have a month and a half after classes end for summer break! Plenty of time for a part-time job, visit home or vacation.

WGS 321 will be offered and is required for the major. The other two classes are not required, but do fulfill upper division requirements.

For more information on summer session, please see the UO Summer website.

See you in class!


April 28, 2014

It’s WGS Scholarship time! Submit your entries by May 21!

Hello students! The scholarship season for the WGS department is now open. We have 5 separate awards to award to students that will be returning next year. Award amounts range from $500 to $1750 and undergraduates and graduate certificate students are all eligible.

Please see the attached flyers for information, or simply visit our scholarship page.

The due date is May 21 at 4 pm in the WGS office, so start gathering your materials. We look forward to seeing your submissions!

Abbie Jane Bakony / Miller Family Scholarship Flyer 2014-15

Bruce M Abrams Scholarship Flyer 2014-15

April 25, 2014

Women in War: The Case of El Salvador

Please join us and our colleagues from the Center for the Study of Women in Society for this free public presentation on Women in War by Dr. Jocelyn Viterna of Harvard University! May 15 at 3:30 in Lawrence 166. See poster for additional details.

Full description after the page break.


April 14, 2014

Northwest NWSA 2014 Conference + TeachOUT + OUT/LOUD

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies is pleased to announce the 2014 northwest regional meeting of the NWSA national conference, May 16th – 17th. This is the fifth annual forum on gender and sexual orientation minority issues in education and is combined this year with TeachOUT and OUT/LOUD.

NW NWSA Conference Homepage

Conference Registration – UO Ticket Office

Conference Overview

The Northwest National Women’s Studies Association leads the region in women’s studies in educational and social transformation.  The region is comprised of women’s and gender studies departments and women’s centers from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. Our annual conference regularly draws faculty, staff and students from around the region showcasing the latest feminist scholarship.

The 2014 conference offers networking and professional development opportunities for women’s and gender studies and women’s center administrators, as well as opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to present their work. The conference will feature concurrent breakout sessions, lunch roundtable, and an artist showcase to preview musicians, spoken word artists, and comedians.

Conference Details

NW NWSA’s 2014 conference theme, Gender and Sexual Orientation in the Classroom, endeavors to examine the ways that feminist scholarship is transgressing the bounds of public/private, gender conformity and sexuality. Feminist scholars, educators and activist can provide important insights and refreshing perspectives imagining a feminist future in the classroom. Through engaged feminist scholarship and queer theory, we will explore the ways in which gender and sexual orientation are discussed and enacted in the classroom and how they are made visible or invisible through instruction, embodiment, and performance. Utilizing an interdisciplinary lens, workshops will interrogate how gender is performed, applied, used a method of transgression, a mode of inquiry and/or how it is used to disrupt heteronormativity. By engaging the arts through intersectional feminist scholarship, we explore comedy, poetry, music and games as places of conformity and resistance. (Summary from UO ticket office.)


  • Engaging creative methodologies
  • Gender and performance
  • Raising gender and sexuality in K-12

Supporting Departments & Organizations

Presented by

University of Oregon Dept of Education Studies and the ASUO Women’s Center

Sponsored by

  • University of Oregon Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
  • University of Oregon Education Studies, College of Education
  • Northwest National Women’s Studies Association
  • ASUO Women’s Center
  • Lane County Tourism
  • Springfield School District
  • Bethel School District
  • 4-J School District


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