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How to enroll in individualized study

Students can participate in individualized study. This includes the following courses:

  • WGS 401 – Research
  • WGS 403 – Thesis
  • WGS 405 – Reading
  • WGS 409 – Practicum
  • WGS 601 – Research
  • WGS 603 – Thesis
  • WGS 605 – Reading
  • WGS 609 – Practicum

Please note:
-Individualized study may be taken as pass/no pass or graded.
-Although these courses can be taken multiple times, only 4 credits of WGS 409/609 can be applied toward the major.
-No more than a total of 8 credits taken pass/no pass may be counted toward the WGSS major.


The procedure to enroll is as follows. For WGS 409/609, you should contact the Practicum lead professor for the year, as there is only one.
The current Practicum lead professor is: Judith Raiskin

  1. Identify the term you would like to undertake the individualized study.
  2. Contact your potential professor/advisor (or the Practicum lead professor) well before the term starts. Aim to discuss your plans with them prior to registration for the term in which you will do the course.
  3. Fill out the Individualized Study contract with your advisor. Make sure to decide on how many credits you will take as the courses are variable. It is also available just outside the main office door (Hendricks 315).
  4. Turn in the contract (and any supporting material from the organization offering your internship) to the WGSS office (HEN 315) so that you can be approved to register for the course.
  5. Use DuckWeb to register for the course. This is very important. The staff cannot do this for you. Faculty cannot do this for you. Your deadline to enroll in the course is Wednesday of Week 2. You will not receive credit for your work if you do not enroll in the course.
  6. After enrolling in the course, set your number of credits in the ‘Change variable credit/grading option’ section of the registration menu in DuckWeb. This is very important. The staff cannot do this for you. Faculty cannot do this for you. The deadline is listed on this page.
  7. Complete the course and requirements as outlined in the contract.